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I am working with some remarkable East Palo Alto social entrepreneurs, artists and cinematographers to launch an digital news service in this Silicon Valley city of 30,000 residents, whose many valuable and vibrant qualities can be obscured by an 18 percent poverty rate and an often poor reputation.  The news service, EPANow, will be a professional/teaching model, in which journalists work with East Palo Alto residents aged roughly 16 to 24 to produce stylish journalism and storytelling in the voices of residents.  We are especially aiming to reach the youth and millennial news consumers that the legacy media has largely lost.

EPANow — an idea conceived and birthed in East Palo Alto — is intended as the cornerstone of a network of similar news services in low-income communities around California and beyond that have been largely abandoned by the mainstream media, leveraging and engaging the native talents in those communities to deliver top-quality journalism, build homegrown human assets, and foster increased civic engagement.