my journalism

I started my career at The Tenderloin Times, a newspaper founded by homeless men in San Francisco’s tough central city.  Since then, and before joining The Press Democrat in 2001, I was a reporter and then the editor at the St. Helena Star weekly; a regular contributor to Wired Magazine; a contributing editor to Wine Business Monthly; and a contributor to The Sonoma County Independent, the San Diego Union Tribune, and Gauntlet Magazine, a journal about free speech issues.

Some of my work:

Global Shift was an eight month investigative project exploring the impacts of globalization. It won a George Polk award in 2005.

Roseland Journal was a project I initiated during which for about three months I lived in and reported from one of Santa Rosa’s poorest and most diverse (and maligned) neighborhoods.  The series won prizes including an Associated Press Fairbanks Public Service award.

Other stories that reflect my style and interests, from homeless youth to farmworkers struggling for housing, from a tribe’s ascendancy to Saddam Hussein’s mysterious PlayStation plans: